Rainbow Party Food Ideas

Inspiration for a Rainbow and Unicorns themed party

If you are reading this blog you are probably already a Unicorns and Rainbows fan, or at least you know a small person who is! Hence the reason you are looking for inspiration regarding what you will prepare for the big day celebration. The ideas below are obviously just a handful that we have selected, that we feel are tasty, colourful and yet super easy to make. They can be manipulated to suit the dietary requirements of your guests, but will hopefully get you on the right track. There are plenty more ideas over on our Pinterest boards if you are feeling a little more creative and fancy going the whole hog (or should I say Unicorn!) with an amazing cake. Good luck!

Rainbow Platter

What a fabulous looking plate of food. Full of goodness and healthy bites to eat. I love the ‘cloud’ of mallows at the end of the rainbow. Maybe not so healthy but adds a sweet little touch

Rainbow Fruit Platter | Rainbow Party Food | Fabulous Partyware


Rainbow Pizza

These gorgeous looking pizzas were actually made from pitta breads but you can buy pizza bases or even make your own. As mentioned, you can change the toppings but this gives you the general idea of the rainbow effect that can be created. Simply select a handful of coloured foods, place them on the pizza base in a circular fashion so that when they are cut into slices the effect can be seen.

Rainbow Pizzas | Rainbow Party Food | Rainbow Party | Fabulous Partyware


Rainbow Bread

This idea has actually been around for years, otherwise known as Fairy Bread. However, it is making a come back in the party world, due to the ever increasing popularity of  Rainbow parties. To make the bread, simply butter some plain white soft bread. Shake a generous layer of sprinkles over the bread and press down gently to ensure they stick. Cut off the crusts (I know, it’s naughty but it is for a party treat!) and cut into triangles to serve. Preparation tip: When adding the sprinkles, we recommend placing the bread on a large baking tray. This way, you catch all the runaway sprinkles, rather than them ‘decorating’ your kitchen floor and spreading to the rest of your house!

Rainbow bread | Rainbow party food | Fabulous Partyware


Well, that’s all for now. I hope this has helped you along your way to a successful  Rainbows party. Don’t forget if you are fancying something a little more adventurous then pop over to our Pinterest boards for further inspiration



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