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Forest School Party Ideas

Ideas for parties held outdoors


When organising a party, we are faced with a huge variety of wonderful party themes to choose from, and most of them are held indoors. But what about outdoor themed parties?!  Children love exploring, making and playing, and getting rather muddy! So we thought we’d put some ideas together about Forest School themed parties.

Outdoor Party Theme Ideas

Although the over-riding theme is woodland nature, some of you might like to incorporate a ‘combat’ element to a party that would involve a lot of running about and hiding with Nerf guns. A treasure hunt would be another popular theme, where you could hide foil wrapped chocolate or sweets around the area. Alternatively you could choose themes from stories such as the Gruffalo, Peter Rabbit or well known Fairy Tales such as Rapunzel or Snow White.

Forest School Party Activity Ideas

Den making!


Make a shelter with a ‘den bucket’ – split children up into groups and give each group a ‘den bucket’ inside which are the following:

Large piece of plastic, tarp, canvas, blanket or fabric

Length of strong rope for tying between two branches or trunks, if needed

Four to Six guy-lines and tent pegs to secure shelter to the ground. Alternatively just use blankets, placing rocks found in the area, on the edges to anchor it.

Then place a picnic blanket to sit on under their newly made shelter!

Nature collection and identification trail

Identify a variety of trees, plants, lichen, moss etc, that can definitely be found by the children and list them on a piece of paper with double sided sticky tape next to each species name. Whenever they find the plant on the list, they can take a part of the plant and stick it on double sided sticky tape. If you have time, the children,(with the help of an adult) can try and identify them at ‘base camp’.

Forest School Party Craft

Start the party by allowing each child to make their own leaf crowns. Children enjoy getting creative. So give them a variety of leaves to choose from, to staple on to a card band that can be wrapped around their heads.




Make funny self drying clay faces out of twigs, pebbles, moss, leaves – ANYTHING!




Finally, children can make their own leaf chandelier using a piece of long thread and a needle, attaching as many different leave together as they please. Hang them from a branch and admire how they glow in the sun!


We’ve had fun researching outdoor party themes for this post, most of these ideas come from Pinterest, where many more can be found! Please do have a look on our Fabulous Pinterest page for lots of party theme ideas.





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