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Harry Potter themed party

Ideas and Inspiration to help you create a magical Harry Potter party

My son turned 7 recently and desperately wanted a Harry Potter party. You too can get creative and make your own magical Harry Potter party supplies, simply and easily.

Using some plain gold and black paper tableware, party bags, balloons and some Harry Potter stickers (which you can find easily online) you can create your very own, unique and wonderful Harry Potter themed party. It’s so easy!

Harry Potter themed tableware – Here’s how…

  1. Using a gold table cover, black paper napkins, gold paper plates, mixed gold/silver paper cups and star table confetti I was able to create the below table setting. I can see this taking off in the Hogwarts school canteen!
  2. Simply arrange the black napkins down the middle of the table to create a banquet effect. Using the Harry Potter stickers, place these on the front of the cups and the Wizards can decide which ‘school’ they want to belong to.
  3. Use a mixture of round and square plates to create a point of difference. I found the square ones were great to use as platters

Harry Potter style Tableware | Harry Potter Party Supplies | Fabulous Partyware

Harry Potter Party Bags and Themed BalloonsHere’s how….

  1. Again sticking with the gold and black theme, using plain paper party bags (Harry Potter would not approve of plastic!) and the same stickers used for the cups, apply to the party bags and fill with treats for your party Witches and Wizards.
  2. For the balloons, I used a mixture of stickers and printable banners found on Pinterest. These were cut out and stuck to the gold balloons and tied with ribbon

Harry Potter Party Bags | Harry Potter themed party | Fabulous Partyware

Harry Potter Balloons | DIY Harry Potter Party

And then of course there is the actual food! My selection was not particularly imaginative but that was more to do with my son’s choice of food rather than my culinary skills (I like to think!). However, pop over to our Pinterest boards and you’ll find a whole world of Wizardry Harry Potter themed party food ideas

Have fun creating your own Harry Potter Party, please send us in some photos of your creations!

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