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Helpful tips for balloon inflation - Helium advice - Fabulous Partyware

Foil and Latex Balloon inflation advice

All your balloon inflation queries answered

Let’s start with Latex balloons as they are the most commonly used balloons. See below for a chart showing you an estimate of how much helium is required to fill various sizes of latex balloons. The floatation time will depend upon whether the balloon is fully inflated to it’s intended size and atmospheric conditions. We will advise later on, what size helium canister you will need for a number of balloons, as a guide.

 Size of Latex Balloon Capacity in Cubic feet  Estimated Float time
11″ Latex 0.5 15-24 hours
11″ Confetti Filled 0.5 7-12 hours
16″ Latex 1.5 30 hours
18″ Confetti Filled 2 30 hours
24″ Latex Balloon 4 3-5 days
30″ Metallic Round Latex 8 3-5 days
36″ (3ft) Latex only inflated to 30″ * 8 3-5 days
36″ (3ft) Round Latex fully inflated 15 3-5 days
36″ (3ft) Round Latex Confetti Filled 15 2-3 days


Balloon inflation tip 1 

If you want to increase the floating time for your latex balloons you can buy a product called ‘Hi-Float’ (available easily online) which increases the float time by approximately 25 times. This can not be used for confetti balloons as it coats the inside of the balloon and hence would make the confetti soggy (no-one wants soggy confetti!)

Balloon inflation tip 2*

36″ (3ft) Latex balloons require a lot of helium to fully inflate. You can reduce this amount in 2 ways. You can either inflate the balloon with a little normal air to start it off and then fill with helium. Just to note, that this will reduce the balloons float time slightly. Or you can simply inflate to 30″. The balloon will pretty much look the same and float for the same amount of time.

Foil Balloons

These require much less helium than latex balloons but are often harder to estimate as they come in all shapes and sizes. Below is a guide.

 Size of Foil Balloon  Capacity in Cubic     feet  Estimated Float time
18″ Foil (Heart and Round)                  0.5             3-5 days
20″ Foil                  0.6             3-5 days
Foil Pet Balloons                  1.2             3.5 days
Giant Letter & Number 30″                  1.8 – 2.5             3-5 days
Foil Giant Shapes                  1.8 – 2.5             3-5 days

Which helium canister do I need to buy?

So now you know how much helium is required to fill the balloon, how does that equate to commercially sold helium canisters?

Most canisters sold online are called F30 (contains 9 cubic feet) or F50 (contains 15 cubic feet).

Below are some examples of how many balloons you can fill with an F30 or F50 helium canister

Small F30 18 x 11″ Latex ballons
18 x 18″ Foil Circle balloons
1 x 36″ Latex balloon filled to 30″
Large F50 1 x 36″ Latex balloon fully inflated
30 x 11″ Latex balloons
25 x 18″ Foil circle balloons

If you are holding a large event, it is much cheaper to rent a helium canister from a gas supplier (there are surprising a lot of these throughout the UK). On the other hand if you have a very small number of balloons then you maybe able to get them filled in your local card shop.

You can find a large collection of the balloons mentioned in this post here. Helium canisters are not currently available to buy via the website but we can supply helium filled balloons locally. Please enquire for details

Hopefully this has been a helpful blog. If you have any further questions feel free to contact us

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