Milestone Birthdays

Milestone Birthdays, who are they for?

Milestone Birthday - Boho party - Fabulous Partyware

Am I too old to to have a ‘Big’ party?

A definite “NO!”, is the answer. We can all remember (albeit, only just) our 5th or 10th birthdays but anything after that is a bit of a blur. Once you’ve reached your twenties, it’s often felt that celebrating in a big way, one year being older, just doesn’t mean as much as it did when we were young (sigh). Trending now, however, is a fresh approach to seeing our birthday’s in our more ‘mature’ years. By the time you have reached the decade years (30, 40, 50 etc) many significant and life changing events have happened. Trending now, is an ever increasing number of people who want to mark these occasions.

What happens at a Milestone Birthday?

When you hit 40/50/60 etc, it can be a very positive time to celebrate your life so far, and look to the future and all its possibilities. Creating memorable, personalised experiences is, therefore, on many people’s minds. Yes, this could include going the extra mile decorating your birthday table and serving some lovely food, or holding a BBQ in the garden, but don’t just go for a card and a cake!

Theme-wise, you can go for something fun like the seventies or eighties etc, where it is easy to choose a dressing up code, music and have fun with the food! Alternatively, just go with something you are very passionate about. This could include a country you love, or a hobby. Spa days or weekends away are popular, in gorgeously cosy or, alternatively, exotic locations. If the budget can stretch to it, you can hire country homes or apartments in such locations, where you could celebrate in a large gathering. Your party could be centred around learning or improving a new skill, such as cooking or wine, gin or whisky tasting! The options are endless!

How can we at Fabulous Partyware help you?

Giant number balloons - Milestone parties - Fabulous Partyware

Whilst we don’t have hiring access to exotic party locations, we can help you with decorating your venue, to help give it maximum visual impact and get your guests in the party mood! We feel, that on the big occasions, its a good idea to go all-out, over the top. This doesn’t have to be with every aspect, it could be with the food, music, flowers or decorations. You can create a high-impact display with our large range of latex and foil balloons. We have transparent, metallic, pear drop as well as gorgeous jewel-like shiny orb shaped balloons.

On top of that, we have a vast array of ‘landmark’ numbers on balloons, to make sure everyone knows what the celebration is about! We find that, display-wise, balloons look great in odd numbers, and if you intend to use helium, make sure that grouped ones are at varying heights. The exception to this rule is when you want to ‘frame’ a birthday banner, where you might like to have the balloons at the same height.


To add another, or alternative layer of decoration, why not hang our retro glitter balls around the venue? These look fabulous next to our foil balloons as they bounce light off each other! If you are going for a more day-time type of glamour you could try grouping our hanging honeycombs in a range of colours with a garland or bunting. This looks lovely, both outdoors as well as indoors. Sparkle some more with sparklerson the cake and confetti cannons after the fabulous candles have been blown out!  For your food, we have a range of tableware that can tie into your theme, plus you won’t have to do so much washing-up afterwards! Do have a look at our Pinterest page for more party ideas and inspiration!

Most importantly have fun yourself!

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