Outdoor Summer Party Games for Kids

With the summer in full swing (or at least it’s just about as good as we might hope to expect for July), it’s a great time to be holding a kid’s birthday party. This particular guide is aimed for slightly older children (around 6 years and up), but should work well with most age groups so long as they’re fine with water; these games also fit with most party themes.

As always, we’d love to see you putting our party game guide to good use, or hear any party game ideas that you have, so please feel free to contact our party team.

Paddling Pool Party Treasure Hunt

This game requires some clothes which the participants don’t mind getting a little soggy; a good-sized paddling pool (it doesn’t have to be expensive, just big and deep enough to allow several people in at once hunting for some prizes) and some distractions such as blow-up beach balls, to make seeing the bottom of said paddling pool more difficult. You’ll also require a small prize which is relatively waterproof, or failing that, something relatively small and waterproof which can be exchanged for a prize if found.

The game concept is simple, in that several participants at your kid’s party – how many that can be depends on the size of the paddling pool, have to hunt for the small treasure in the pool using their bare feet. To make sure it lasts long enough per session to be called a game, they should be told not to use their hands or bend down to look for it; their vision needs to be largely obscured, too, preferably by a number of inflatable balls in the water, or something similar to rubber ducks, etc.

The idea of this summer party game is that whoever is able to find the prize (or token to exchange for the prize) wins the game. You could, if you liked, also place some well-packaged sweets around the bottom of the pool.

Water Relay Races

This is a good party game for young children as well as older children. Again, though, participants will need to expect to become a bit soggy whilst playing it. Furthermore, your lawn may also get rather ‘worn’, so be aware of that.

Split the participants into a few teams (as long as there are several on each, it doesn’t really matter) and give each:

  • A bucket full of water;
  • A jug / cup / other container and
  • An empty bucket.

Set a “course” – with each team’s empty and full buckets spaced an equal distance from each other, then get the teams to race to get as much of the water from the full bucket into the other bucket using the jug/cup.
You can make it a more tactical party game if you have three or more teams by awarding points based upon both speed, and the actual volume of water that ends up in the bucket at the end (since part of the challenge is not to spill too much from the cup, as well as winning the race) then calculate a total number of points at the end to decide the winners.

Water Balloon Toss

A very enjoyable game, particularly to watch. One or two people must attempt to catch water balloons thrown to them by their teams. It’s surprisingly difficult, of course, to throw or catch very thin latex filled with water without a few exploding on you. At least, of course, they can enjoy some great quality balloons from the Fabulous Partyware shop later on!

Hopefully the weather’s great for your summer party, but you can take a look at some of our other game ideas on the rest of the blog just in case the weather just happens not to be brilliant sunshine (obviously being based in the United Kingdom, we’ve nothing but beautiful tanning weather – or as I normally have to refer to it, beautiful burning weather).


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