Party ideas for Lockdown birthdays, the Rule of Six, Social Distancing, or all of the above!

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How to Party in Lockdown!

If you are you wondering how to celebrate a friend or family member’s special occasion under the new awkward social distancing rules, read our ‘how to’ guide to give you ideas on planning a party in during a lockdown!

Organising a party for someone under normal circumstances was hard enough, but throw in a global pandemic and awkward social distancing rules, and it brings everything to a whole new level. In response to this, we have come up with a simple guide on how to continue to celebrate our loved one’s special occasions:

Step 1.

First, take a breath and congratulate yourself that you are steering a positive course through a challenging time. Celebrating important occasions, at any time, is a great way of bringing ‘lightness’ to our lives.

Step 2.

Plan small in number but BIG in impact. Due to the rule of six, you could choose to ‘push the boat out’ in terms of decorating your venue and providing delicious food and fun party games. Adding a personalised touch to a party goes a long way in making the person in question feel extra special. At Fabulous Partyware, we sell a very large selection of personalised themed party banners, including some with a cheeky wink to the Lockdown party.

Personalised Rainbow 'Lockdown' Birthday Banner

Our unique personalised cake toppers, are very popular at the moment. Add in a few candles and our sparkling, fizzing ‘ice fountains’, they go a long way to bringing ‘wow factor’ to a party.

Personalised balloons - Balloons in Lechlade - Fabulous Partyware

Of course, flowers and balloons add another decorative layer to a party. We stock a HUGE range of deflated and inflated balloons for all occasions. If local, we can also personalise your Balloons for that special someone.

In the case of someone who is shielding or you just can’t visit, why not send them a jolly message on an inflated helium balloon, in the post, using our Balloon in a Box service?!

If you live locally, you can come and visit us, or order online. We are always happy to help and are used to catering for a wide range of bespoke balloon requests.

Step 3.

Ice cake fountains - Cake accessories - Fabulous partyware
It sounds obvious, but tailor the birthday party to the interests, passions, hobbies of the loved one you are doing it for. Think about ideas or treasured objects that belong to the person who’s occasion you wish to celebrate. Gaming, farm animals, tea parties, unicorns, mermaids and space adventure – the options are endless. Why not mix themes and make a cake in the shape of an object your special person adores and use tableware from a different theme. Lets face it, at the moment ANYTHING goes!

At a party recently, to make a wonderful mum’s 76th birthday more personal, a tablecloth that was embroidered by the birthday girl herself, as a child, was used, along with a family heirloom porcelain dinner service. Go on, have a think and see what you come up with!

Step 4.

Have fun and take photos! You might not think it now, but the year ahead might be a very unique time in our lives (fingers crossed!) and worth documenting, even though we would rather not be going through it. Imagine, several years from now, looking at endless photos of parties and spotting the ones that stick out the most. The occasions celebrated in 2020 are most likely to be some of the most memorable, and might make us pause for thought and be more thankful about all the things we have often taken for granted!  This was how we helped a customer, back in April, to make her husband’s 40th extra special….from a distance!

Lockdown party - Parties in 2020 - Fabulous Partyware

Thank you for reading our ‘How to Party in Lockdown’ guide. For more inspiration, browse our website or feel free to give us a call. We are always happy to help make your occasion extra fabulous.

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