Pug Dog Walking Pet Balloon - INFLATED



Pug Dog Walking Pet Balloon – INFLATED

A pug lovers dream gift! These fun ‘walking pet’ balloons come with weighted feet attached which gives the effect of walking. Low maintenance pets!

  • Each (helium filled) Pug dog balloon measures 20 inches when inflated (52 cm) and is attached to a ribbon which acts as the ‘lead’ to enable you to walk around securely
  • This balloon is available inflated via LOCAL COLLECTION only
  • Balloon will stay inflated for @7 days and can be refilled for future use
  • Click here to see our complete range of walking pet balloons with over 10 animals to choose from

Additional information

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 52 cm
Balloon Delivery Option

Inflated for collection, Inflated for postal delivery

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