Rose Gold Latex Confetti Balloons x 6 - INFLATED



Rose Gold Latex Confetti Balloons x 6 – INFLATED

Ideal for use as floor standing or table decorations for all occasions, catering for children and adults.

  • Each (helium filled) bouquet contains 6 clear balloons, filled with large rose gold confetti discs. The bouquet comes attached to a rose gold glittery weight and rose gold ribbons
  • The balloons will be staggered in height with the tallest balloon measuring approximately 1.8m from the ground
  • Each balloon inflates to approximately 11 inches
  • Please note this inflated balloon bouquet is available for local collection only
  • Balloons made from great quality, biodegradable latex (confetti not biodegradable)
  • Contact us for any bespoke balloon bouquet requirements you may have. We can cater for almost all occasions, large or small
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