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Recycle, re-use your balloons!

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Recycle, re-use your balloons!

The ‘ups and downs’ of balloonsGiant Dinosaur Foil Party Balloon | Dinosaur Party | Fabulous Partyware

Many of us love to make a person’s day extra special by buying in decorations to make an occasion more memorable. Here at Fabulous Partyware, we sell a range of such products, but we are also very aware of obligations to the environment. Balloons are very popular for all occasions, they have a WOW factor and come in a range of striking and pretty colours and designs.  However, we acknowledge that not all party balloons are as eco-friendly and we would like, so here are some ideas on how to re-use, recycle or dispose of your party balloon/s.

Foil or Latex Balloon?

The good news is that you can do a lot with balloons after the party, but first, identify whether you balloons are rubber (latex) or foil (metal and plastic)

Foil Balloons after-party ideas:

  • The really good thing about them is that they can be enjoyed a lot longer than a latex balloon and will stay inflated for up to a week and even more. So leave them Ombre Happy Birthday 18 inch Foil Balloon | Fabulous Partywareup and enjoy!
  • Re-use your foil balloons! Why not deflate you foil balloon and re-inflate at a later date? To deflate your balloon, insert a drinking straw through the hole where the helium was inserted, and press down gently on the balloon to get rid of the helium. Fold the deflated balloon up and store for another occasion. Find demos of this on Youtube, if you are unsure of how to do this. Re-inflate with helium at your nearest party-ware shop!
  • Re-cycle your balloons by giving them a new purpose. Cut up your balloon and use as wrapping paper, decorative ribbon, or even shiny pom-poms. You could shred or cut the foil into strips and use as attractive packaging material for gift baskets. Children will love using cut up bits of foil in craft activities, where they can make collages and pictures. People have even made emergency foil blankets out of a patchwork of cut-out foil balloons!
  • If you can’t recycle or re-use, then pop the balloons in the general waste bin.

Latex Balloons after-party ideas:

  • Although these degrade over time they are often attached to a ribbon that does not degrade, so the best place to put them is the general waste bin, where they have time to degrade out of harms way. There are fewer re-uses for latex balloons than foil, although, cutting them up for children to use in decorative craft activities is an option.

Thinking of releasing your helium balloons to mark an occasion?

Many of us have seen the odd deflated foil or latex balloon caught up in a tree or field, and understand that it is definitely not good for the environment. It is a surprise then that some people still choose to release balloons into the air. At Fabulous Partyware, we do not promote balloon releasing, as it frequently does cause harm and even death to creatures on the land and sea.

Latex vs Foil – a quick table summary





Longer inflation period

High visual impact

Multiple recycling options

Large range of colours and patterns

They ‘degrade’ over time

Cheaper than foil balloon options.

Large range of colours and patterns






Not degradable

More expensive than latex

Can cause harm to wildlife if not disposed of responsibly



Do not last as long as foil balloons.

Often attached to non-degradable ribbons

Fewer recycling options

Can cause harm to wildlife if not disposed of responsibly


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